160-D Orchard, Vineyard & Row Crop Dry Fertilizer Applicator

check out the features of the 160-D Dry Fertilizer Applicator for Orchards, Vineyards and Row Crops:


  • Fertilizer can be banded beneath the surface and close to the feeder roots maximizing the return on your fertilizer dollars.
  • Sub-surface banding avoids feeding the weeds and cover vegetation.
  • Concentrating the fertilizer in a band minimizes leaching and surface run-off.
  • Combinations of surface and sub-surface application are easily achieved.
  • Shanks and Deflectors can be adjusted to a wide variety of row spacing and drip line configurations.
  • Toolbar positioning can be adjusted from the operators seat.
  • Positive ground drive metering ensures accurate application regardless of ground speed. Rates are changed simply by changing the gearbox setting.
  • Low profile hopper and toolbar ensure minimal limb contact in orchards.




  • Mid-Tech AgLogix control system allows on the go rate changes with computer accuracy.
  • PTO hydraulic pumping package includes reservoir and remote switch box to operate hydraulic cylinders.
  • Fertilizer knife assemblies (available with or without coulters) allow deeper banding with minimal disturbance.
  • Other specialized toolbar configurations and limb deflectors are available.

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