Air & Commodity Carts

AGPRO Commodity Carts are known for outstanding durability and performance.  Our custom carts are designed to fit your needs with the exact number of outlets and features your drill requires.  Whether using multiple products of seed, NH3, liquid or dry fertilizer, AGPRO Commodity Carts can handle the job.

  • Seed & dry hoppers from 70 to 210 bushel.
  • Liquid tanks from 1,200 to 2,500 gallon.
  • Straight axles or steering axles rated up to 40,000 lb.
  • Auger systems for fill & cleanout.
  • Electronic systems for product control & monitoring.


Please call or email to find out what we can do for you.

AGPRO Seed & Liquid Fertilizer Commodity Cart.

AGPRO Single Product Commodity Cart.

AGPRO Four Product Commodity Cart.

Stock & Custom Design

Remote Hydraulic Ports.

Fill & Cleanout Auger System.

Fan & Auger Control Valve.

Multiple Metering Sections.

Ground Driven Metering.

40,000 lb Steering Axle.