Cross Slot Equipment & Parts

AGPRO is your Pacific NW outlet for Cross Slot parts and equipment.  We are now stocked with a full range of opener parts and assemblies.

  • Blades, Knives and Spring Plates
  • Packer Wheels, Cylinders, and Bolts
  • Hubs, Spindles and Bushings


Our goal is to continually increase our inventory to better serve you.  We plan with our customers and try to anticipate needed parts in advance for your repairs or modifications.  We hope you will take the opportunity to let us know your needs.  With grower participation, the long-term solution for having a plentiful supply of needed parts will be available for you here in the United States.

Some of our full inventory of Cross Slot parts

Cross Slot No-Tillage Systems by AGPRO


Bryce Wrigley of Delta Junction, Alaska.  His AGPRO CS-2510 drill has 25 openers on 10″ spacing.  It is equipped with two 175 bushel hoppers; one for seed and one for dry fertilizer.  A diesel engine powers the product delivery fan.


Lester Wolf Farms of Uniontown, Washington.  This AGPRO CS-3510 drill has 35 openers on 10″ spacing.  It is equipped with a 70 bushel seed hopper and a 1700 gallon liquid fertilizer tank.