Custom Design & Service

Benefiting from a precision farming system requires reliable, state-of-the-art application equipment, and that’s where AGPRO can help.


At AGPRO, we have the expertise to provide you with some of the finest application management systems available.  We design and manufacture specialized equipment for banding or uniform spreading of single or multiple products.  Choose from a variety of units designed to accurately apply liquid or dry fertilizers, all types of seeds, spray chemicals, and more.  Specialized applications include seeding, fertilizing, pest control, fire control, dust control, and de-icing.


We service the Lewis Clark Valley, Palouse, including Moscow, Troy, Deary, the Camas Prairie including Grangeville, Craigmont, Nezperce, Cottonwood, Ferdinand, Culdesac, Clearwater Valley including Kamiah, Orfino and all of Eastern Washington with high quality:

  • Mobile Line Boring
  • Lathe Work
  • Mill Work
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hydraulic Hoses


Our professional, customized designs and dependable service will help make precision farming profitable for you.  Give us a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

Custom Implement Mounted Air Applicator for Seeding Small Grains & Chickpeas.

Custom Tractor Mounted Liquid Fertilizer Tanks.

Custom Skid Mounted Grass Hydro Seeder.

Custom Four Product Commodity Cart.

Custom-Designed Equipment by Agpro

  • Spot sprayers
  • ATV Sprayers
  • Field Sprayers
  • Three Point Sprayers
  • Skid Sprayers
  • Turf Sprayers

  • Conservation Drills
  • Pneumatic Applicator Boxes
  • De-icing Systems
  • Conservation Equipment
  • Dry Fertilizer Applicators
  • Orchard & Row Crop Applicators

  • Ground Drive Systems
  • Drill Fertilizer Kits
  • Hydro Seeders
  • Grass Seeders & Blowers
  • Stainless Steel Fertilizer Tubes
  • Fertilizer Knives