Direct Seeding & Conservation Drills

The AGPRO Conservation Drill combines optimum fertilizer placement and excellent seed to soil contact resulting in increased yield potential. Growers are calling the AGPRO Conservation Drill the best hillside drill on the market! Here’s why:


  • Promotes healthy root development by removing straw from the seed row, tilling a small area of soil around the seed and placing fertilizer below the seed.
  • Stabilizing coulters on each opener give you amazing control on hillsides.
  • “Hydraulic spring” down pressure and parallel arm linkage allows each opener to operate independently over irregular terrain.
  • Individually metered air delivery system with air diffusers settles the seed for uniform placement

High Flotation, Five Section Folding Drill Frames up to 53ft Wide.

High Flotation, Three Section Drill Fames up to 37ft Wide.

AGPRO Conservation Drills – Compact, Self-Contained, Three Opener Ranks.

Our design incorporates a leading coulter blade to handle residue and provide hillside stability.  Hydraulic cylinders provide consistent down force pressure for precise seed depth control of every opener.  Flexibility is a key component to our design.  We offer several different point and packer wheel options.